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Count me in!

Count me in!

Authors : Manon Parisien, Kareen Nour, Anne-Marie Belley, Véronique Billette, Ginette Aubin, Alan Regenstreif

2018-01, 308 pages

Promoting Seniors’ Mental Health and Community Participation (Workshop Manual)

Count Me In
! is a multifactorial program that aims to promote the community participation of seniors who are experiencing psychosocial difficulties and who may also have a mental illness. The specific objective of the program is to encourage these seniors to participate in activities that offer stimulating opportunities for social interaction (Figure 1). The program can be adapted to different client profiles and contexts, such as health and social services establishments, community organizations and even residences. It is meant to be offered by healthcare professionals or community practitioners with experience in mental health and group facilitation, as well as by peer helpers.